I used to read so many blogs and other sources of information. Sadly, fewer and fewer folks are blogging on their own sites and instead opt for places like Twitter or Substack, the latter often behind a paywall (And yet, nearly all of the newsletters I’m going to recommend are on Substack; probably because Substack positions itself as a content provider and not a way to get people into your sales funnel).

Personal Blogs

SFF Blogs

Technical Blogs

Topical Blogs


  • The Full Lid Written by Alasdair Stuart and Marguerite Kenner, this is a weekly cornucopia of goodness.
  • Amal Content Come for the puns, stay for Amal El-Mohtar’s thoughtful and heartfelt posts.
  • The Rest is Commentary Currently a placeholder, but as it’s Hanne Blank Boyd’s placeholder, I’m expecting great things here.
  • Throw Another Bear in the Canoe Elizabeth Bear’s newsletter. Regular updates and also mirrored on her Patreon. Mix of paid and free posts. A paid subscription gets you access to a Discord server.
  • The Lynchline Scott Lynch’s newsletter. Infrequent posts, but they’re always super extra good.
  • The Third Place While Max Gladstone doesn’t post more than once or twice a month, it’s absolutely worth your while to subscribe. All essays are free to read, but commenting requires a token subscription.
  • Today in Tabs Most content is free, the paid version gets you access to the Friday open posts and a Discord server which is high traffic but full of good peeps.
  • Griefbacon Confessional, personal essays by Helena Fitzgerald.
  • Pop Culture Spirit Wow A Jesuit writes weekly updates about what he finds interesting in pop culture every week. It’s great.