Into the Sun

Hi there!

My name is Natalie (or eilatan) and I have way too many interests.

I like to read speculative fiction, attend conventions, and vote in the Hugo Awards. And then I’ll yell about the Hugo Awards. I’m also into Star Trek in all its myriad forms and nature and science documentaries. Oh, and we can’t forget my obsession with British Murder Shows. I’d like to watch Scandinavian Murder Shows, but since I’m usually knitting while the TV is on, therefore listening more than watching, even subtitles can’t help me.

I am disabled, having resisted death at least three times: necrotizing pancreatitis, sepsis, and a utering hemorrhage. I aim to continue to survive as long as I can, for I do enjoy making a nuisance of myself. But it’s expensive being diabetic–not so much the insulin (I pay about $10 per bottle with my current insurance)–but the durable medical equipment that goes with it: an insulin pump (Tandem t:slim X2), pump supplies, and a CGM (Dexcom).

Other things I write about: knitting, my cats, my family history, and my work as a web developer.

You can find out more about me on the aptly titled About page.


My four most recent are below, the rest are in the archive.