A Quick (and Very Tired) Update

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I am so tired.

I was finally re-prescribed Eliquis last week and it was like turning off a faucet–within 12 hours of the first pill, I swear to God. One which is still kind of leaky. But the leaking is slowing down a lot (like a lot a lot) so I’m going to start tapering down on the progesterone tomorrow.

I’m just exhausted. I am still anemic–my hemoglobin was at 11 just before my appointment for my final Injectafer infusion. I’m hoping it continues to improve, because the number of naps I’m needing and the brain fog I’m dealing with is just so much.

I’m having good days and bad days. The good ones are the ones where I feel like myself and overdo it, so then I have a bad day or two. Luckily, work had been understanding, but I’m scared they’ll stop being understanding at some point.

Which yes, is my old trauma, but if you’d been through what I’ve been through, you’d be worried, too.

I’ve watched the first two seasons of Star Trek: Discovery and the first season of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and Anson Mount has certainly earned his Captain’s Hair. But seriously–I am really enjoying these two new incarnations of Star Trek and I’m pretty excited I have two more seasons of ST:D to go. And that’s not even taking into account the sheer genius that is Star Trek: Lower Decks, which is equal parts mockery and love. I love that I have so much Star Trek to roll around in, metaphorically speaking. I just wish they’d stop making me cry, dammit.

I also watched the seventh (and apparently final) season of Shetland and if it is the last season, it is a good ending. But I’d like more, especially since I only have one more episode of Vera to watch (I am saving it) and since I watched the entirety of The Long Call over the weekend. British Murder Shows set in Moody Locales with Protagonists Who Try to Ignore Their Feelings are basically my jam. (Weirdly, all three of these shows are based on novels by Ann Cleeves, so maybe I should start reading her). I’m now working my way though Unforgotten, which I also like, but am also waiting for the second season of Annika.

Seriously, I am so predictable in my television preferences: give me all the Star Trek or give me Moody British Murder Shows. This may be one reason I don’t like New!Barnaby ob Midsomer Murders–he’s got a happy home life. I mean, Old!Barnaby did, too, but Joyce was actually the killer in all those episodes. That or some sort of harbinger of death. I know that if I were to go to a social or hobby gathering and she were there, I’d turn around and leave.

Reading-wise, hm. I finished Victoria Goddard’s Greenwing and Dart series and I do hope there will be more as there are definitely Clues related to what’s going on with Emperor Artorin’s quest for an heir and I found the way Goddard portrayed capitalism–and productivity–in Blackcurrant Fool to be quite, quite interesting. And want to see more of the dismantling of the Indrilline family. I’d also like to see Ballory grow up and Mr. Dart come fully into his abilities.

And I’ve just started Mur Lafferty’s new book, Station Eternity which has the premise of, well, what would actually happen if one were a person where people died around you a lot and you knew how it was done and how that would make people see and treat you–and then make it science fiction. I’m loving it, is what I’m saying.

After that, I’m going to continue with the space station theme with Mary Robinette Kowal’s The Spare Man. May as well go all in–murders and space stations, let’s do this.

I’ve also got Arboreality by Rebecca Campbell and Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Eye of the Heron to read. I have a feeling that neither of these things are shiny or happy books, but that’s okay.

Then in late November, the new Victoria Goddard book, At the Feet of the Sun comes out and I expect to be fully immersed in whatever trouble Kip gets himself into while the Emperor’s gone.

I have a few books to read for work, which I’ve been working on when I don’t have the brain power for coding and while I am finding them interesting, I don’t know if anyone else reading this would, to be quite honest. Some of it’s so I can get up to speed with the terminology that folks on the team use–like I had to ask what MVP (minimum viable product) meant and when I was told, I basically said, “Oh! We called that minimum essential at OldCompany!” So I’m hoping to find more parallels.

And I really want to send a copy of Debugging Teams to my awful ex-manager anonymously. But I won’t. I resisted the urge to send her all my paper manuals for obsolete systems when I cleaned out my cube, I don’t think sending her a book telling her how to not suck at being a manager and human being would help much 2 years on.

I also finished a knitting project I’ve been working on since 2015: it’s called Oblagon and I’d link to the pattern, but the only link I can find is to Ravelry and I try not to link there. It’s a large rectangular stole that used just over 1600 yards of laceweight yarn and it likely to be at least 7 feet by 3 feet when I block it. It has lace sections and three sections of dropped stitches, and a lot of interesting changes between stockinette and reverse stockinette. I’m glad it’s done.

I’m now working on a pattern from Naomi Parkhurst, Sycamore Creek with two different balls of handspun that actually kind of match. One of them is spun from an Abby batt, so it is precious to me.

So despite being tired, I am keeping busy and am apparently able to go on at length about it. But the laundry bell just sang at me and I have to go deal with that, because if I don’t, I won’t have any underwear that I like to wear tomorrow (I’m sure y’all know what I mean: some undies are okay, but then there are the ones that are just really comfy and that you stock up on–or is that just me?)

Oh–and I’m probably going to be migrating the site from Hugo to 11ty, but I have to get 11ty all set up the way I want it first, so that’s gonna be a while and I do actually have specific technical reasons for wanting to do so.