Better Colors?

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The spaghetti that is this site’s CSS is really something else–to the point where using the override files just doesn’t work because there’s so much stuff squirreled away in different places and it all takes different precedence.

I’ve made a kanban board for the things I want to do and a bunch of them include “refactor and consolidate X, Y, or Z.” I suspect that when I’m done, it’ll be an entirely new template.

I’m not thrilled with the colors and I think I need to rework them so there are more constrast colors and less four different shades of pinky-purple. But at least I managed to fix the damn fonts and hyphenation. The previous choices were–choices. Yes. That’s the word.

I had a two hour nap with Miles this afternoon. He’s the only cat I’ve ever been able to nap with–I can say to him, “Miles, want to come take a nap?” and he’ll get up from wherever he’s at (on a cat tree, in a sunbeam) to follow me into the bedroom and wait relatively patiently for me to get my glasses off and the white noise on and get into bed–and then he’ll hop up and settle himself on my chest and we’ll both sleep and I’ll try to not suffocate in his fur.

When I’m having a bad body day, he’ll often herd me to bed to take a nap. It’s like he knows somehow.

This doesn’t work at night–he sometimes sleeps at the foot of the bed at night, but he prefers other places to do his important cat business overnight.

He’s a funny cat, but he’s my cat and I love him so much. He’s the very best black cat I’ve ever had. (I really can’t quantify which cat’s the best of the best, they’ve all been great in different ways–all very different personalities.)