Coding, Work, and Random Updates

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Me: Oh, let me change the theme, it won’t that big of a deal.

time passes

Me: Six hours isn’t bad, right?

So, yes: I did change a few colors. And the font, and the entire theme. And I made a colophon page and managed to actually code it in properly. Which is pretty exciting, not gonna lie.

Anyhow. I’m sure some things look funky and I didn’t notice. But I like this theme a whole lot better than the one I was trying to make do what I wanted it to do. There’s actual pagination! There aren’t a whole bunch of CSS files that are cobbled together and there’s a reasonable way for someone like me to go ahead and customize the theme on an ad hoc basis. Like the colors. And the fonts. Because I can’t help myself.

Looking into changing my hosting situation–we’ll see.

Moving right along…

One of my projects at work went live last week: a modal that allows users to give each other gift subscriptions or gems (one of the app’s currencies, you can purchase via a subscription or use actual money) and it’s so beautiful! And, with luck, it will help reduce a lot of the gifting errors that we end up having to fix during the annual Give One, Get One subscription sale. And I learned so much from the project in terms of how things in the codebase fit together, and figuring out why things weren’t working and then fixing them–it was great. And my radio buttons are so pretty.

I also finished the cursed knitting project and shoved it in the bin of projects that need the ends woven in–and one of the cats proceeded to pee on the cloth that I put on top of the bin to protect it from the cats. So I guess it did its job and I guess I’m washing towels and other household linens this week. And contemplating a lid.

Reading-wise, I read Annabeth Albert’s Conventionally Yours]( (affiliate linke) and it was really cute and fun. A fantasy card game, a road trip, and a tournament–and two really well-developed characters, that I was rooting for the entire time.

But for now, I think I’m going to go watch some documentaries and work on my new knitting project–a wool/cashmere scarf from a pattern by Casapinka called Circus Movement (Ravelry link, sorry).