Technology and Cats

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God, could Apple Music/iTunes be any more terrible than it actually is?

I’m trying to get my library to sync because I literally bought ONE album from Bandcamp and I’ve had to subscribe to iTunes Match and turn on the Cloud Library and now nothing’s freaking downloading and I don’t know why the user experience is so fucking terrible. I should be able to plug my phone into the computer and drag the songs I want onto it. I mean, how goddamn hard is it, really?!

(And I don’t want to switch to Android, I generally prefer the Apple ecosystem if for no reason other than the fact that’s what all my computers are.)

But in better update news–I have done the required training and now can use the t:connect app to give myself insulin instead of/in addition to using the pump itself. This is going to make things so much easier when I’m out and about. No more fishing the pump out from my bra when I’m wearing a dress! It can just stay there!

bolus from iPhone

Is it not beautiful?

And finally, enjoy this picture of Miles snoozulating in the new cat bed we got for him in my office. I’ve been in here the better part of the afternoon and so has he. 💖

Miles in a bed, sleeping

Hope y’all have a good week! I’m starting mine off with labwork, woohoo!