This Meatsuit is Annoying

Reading time: about 2 min.

I am just not feeling the thing this week.

I had a mere 2.5L drained last week and you’d think that would have helped and–nope.

I feel bloated and I basically haven’t felt hungry so there’s been a lot of forcing myself to eat and then I feel like I overate and it’s just not pleasant.

And I’m having weird random pain in my gut, but not enough to actually call my doctor or go to the ER about. It’s been a year and a half since I was hospitalized and my therapist has reminded me that this streak isn’t unbreakable, alas.

I’ve also started a new blood thinner, Xarelto. I’d been on Eliquis since 2018 and then my prescription insurance (everyone’s favorite, Caremark/CVS) decided to take it off the formulary and require a prior authorization so my doctor just switched me.

The funny thing is that because of all the hospitalizations I’ve had, I have one heck of a stockpile of medication, so I had 6 months of Eliquis to use up before I started the Xarelto. And I can tell the difference: I’d bleed a bit more than I’d like when I got a cut or scratch, but the Xarelto? Hooboy. I accidentally scratched my arm the other day and bled all over two shirts before it stopped.

Then I was scratching my leg yesterday and accidentally hit a couple of scabs and actual blood dripping down my leg happened, so I stuck a band-aid on and when I took it off before bed last night, I looked at it and there was quite a bit of blood happening.

And to continue on the blood theme, he’s going to tell me that there’s nothing more to be done and to hold the course; why I have to spend an hour and a half in the car and $20 on parking to be told that, I don’t know." I had to get labs done in advance of my seeing my specialist in Center City next week, and I decided to go to the hospital instead of Labcorp. Which actually worked out well: I told the phlebotamist that I was a hard stick and she proceeded to find the one good vein in my arm and get it on the first try and she wanted to know who’d told me I was a hard stick. My answer? “Every other phlebotamist in this hospital and all of the ones at LabCorp, too.”

I’ve a band-aid on my arm and I’m a little scared to take it off, even though it’s been nearly 7 hours. I gotta say, though, it was nice to be able to get in and out of the lab like a normal person. Instead of having every phlebotamist in the place taking a (literal) stab at me.