A Short List of Things That Make Me Mad

Reading time: about 1 min.

There are many petty things in this world that drive me up a wall. Here are some of them:

  • Cold coffee or tea. Why can’t it just stay perpetually hot?
  • Clogged fountain pens. My love of fine nibbed pens does not mesh with my love of shimmery inks most of the time.
  • The pop machine being broken or out of what I want at the Wawa.
  • Napping. I used to like naps, but I’m mad about how many that I’m needing right now.
  • Not being able to read as fast or as focused as I used to unless it’s competence porn (Victoria Goddard, I am looking at you) or disaster queers (Freya Marske, I have eyes on you as well).
  • Forgetting the word I want to use.
  • Making dumb coding mistakes like constantly forgetting to run npm sprites when I’m putting together a content deploy for work and then wondering why none of the images are showing up.
  • Having to learn (re-learn?) how to regulate my emotions because after years of therapy I can’t just pretend like they’re not happening anymore.
  • People who use accessible parking when they don’t have a placard (ok, this is a mad-MAD one)