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Everything is different and weird! Especially on the backend. I’ve moved from Hugo to 11ty for a few reasons:

  • I didn’t want to learn Go, the language that Hugo’s written in. 11ty is JavaScript, which I’m reasonably competent about.
  • 11ty lets you mix code types within each post–i.e., I’m writing this in Markdown, but if I wanted to add an HTML snippet I could. It also uses a templating language called Nunjucks that I’ve been wanting to learn.
  • I just like 11ty better.

Things aren’t perfect. I want to add a tags page and show the tags on each blog post. I need to add in pagination (my nemesis). I’m not thrilled with the post font I’m using. I want to get footnotes and word-count/reading time working.

But I also know me. If I wait until everything is perfect, it never will be. As my therapist keeps telling me: progress, not perfection. And this, right now, is good enough.

And as for the name, well. I’m embracing it, but at the same time, I actually don’t like yelling at people or stirring up trouble. But sometimes, things must be said and that’s that.